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Monday, April 21, 2014

First off I have to admit that I am a huge beauty & skin care junkie. I love trying out new products and really love when I find a product that is actually worth cost. I can't tell you how many times I have walked into Ulta or Sephora and been so overwhelmed that I just buy to do a trail & error. Who get's tired of waisting money when they find out the product is just not for them? Me! It happens to me all the time until recently. Now I review all products before I go out and drop money on them. Just because its great for some celeb or social icon doesn't mean it's going to be a fit for you! Reviews ladies…. Do your research! People are constantly asking me what skin care products I use so I figured I'd do a post on it! Huge believer that great make up applications also play a huge factor on how well you take care of your skin.  With that being said I have found some new products that I absolutely don't think I could ever live without & wanted to share them all with you all! If you decide to try them out let me know how you like them, hope you love as much as I do!

Head over heels for this face wash! It's a basic one-step facial cleanser that instantly removes dirt, oil and even that stubborn make up we have such a hard time getting off. A small amount is all that is needed so it lasts forever. It may seem a little pricey compared to most face washes that can be purchased at the drug store but why not spend an extra $10-$12 to get a good quality face wash that is gentle on your skin and smells amazing. You cannot go wrong with this stuff, I am in love & will be surprised if I ever find something to top this one.  

They sell this Duo at Sephora & Macy's and for the price it's basically a giveaway! I mean come on you get both of these amazing products for only $39. Having make up remover wipes in my house is priority especially for days when I know i'm gonna be on the run or getting home late. Great to have some in the car or just around the house for those late nights when you are too lazy to wash your face. Ok I have a slight confession there are nights where I take my make up off with these while I'm laying in bed ha! The get the job done though & thats really what matters right? ;)

I really like this moisturizer for days when I feel like my face needs a refreshing boost! It smells like oranges & makes my skin feel so moisturized/soft in the mornings. I use it about 3x a week at night time or in the mornings if I feel like my face is swollen and puffy from allergies. I like to switch off with my moisturizers depending on how my skin is feeling that day. This is a really great product!

Received a sample of this & will be so sad when it's gone because I know this is a product I'm gonna have to go purchase. I switch off between this moisturizer at night and the Origins GinZing Moisturizer, The Miracle worker literally feels like you are putting satin on your skin without leaving a greasy oily feel. The product is so lightweight and leaves your skin baby soft. I am SOLD on this product. I wake up and my make up applications go on so smooth the day after using this! 

All right ladies who suffers from stubborn dark under eye circles & puffy eyes in the am? I do thats for sure. This is not an eye cream that is going to forever get rid of those dark circles but it is a temporary solution that I have really come to love. It has a slight shimmer to it when you put it on, it's also great for light make up days when you don't feel like putting on a lot of make up or under eye concealer. This product is super light & goes on so smoothly leaving just a tint of shimmer for a brighter appearance. If you had a late night, all nighter studying or even wake up with swollen eyes, this shall be your new best friend! 

I also have been LOVING Lush Products & will be doing a Lush haul on them soon! Listed below are some links where these items can be purchased. Hope you all have a great day!

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