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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Taking a break from my usual posts. I wanna share what I was up to this last weekend, but before I do let me try and show you how it all started….

After I graduated high school I moved to College Station for College, in those two years of living there I walked away with memories and friends that I will have for a lifetime. I was lucky enough to get a job working at my apartment complex Reveille Ranch where me and my best friend/roommate Kristin met two girls Caitlin & Chelsea who also worked there and happened to live right above us. The crazy part is they were not originally planning on living there as plans with another lease fell through which lead them to Reveille. It didn't take long before we were having endless sleep overs, breakup & heartbreak talks & drunken nights with early morning hang overs. Trust me there were lots of hangovers. Their friends quickly became our friends. We basically had formed a small knit group that resulted in pretty much every Friday and Saturday night outings/day time brunches. As every door closes this one eventually did. Once everyone started following their roadmap of life we all went our separate ways, I moved back to Katy & they made there way up to Dallas. I moved to College station not knowing who I would meet or what I would gain and in my re view mirror left a blur of memories & lifelong friends. When trying to think of certain times it's a mix of consistent laughing, nights out, crying, venting & nights of getting ready together. Crazy how you can pin point certain things or nights that took place but can only really remember things as if your life was played out in weeks instead of years. Still doing occasional visits to Dallas I would get to see them & of course phone calls to catch up on recent daily events but it still was a lot different from what we were used to. Regardless we never lost our friendships we had gained. Now here we are today. Caitlin is getting married! The "Why can't I just meet a good guy" questions have come to an end. She not only has met a good guy but a great one at that. Words can't express how happy I am for her & Lance.
So this past weekend we celebrated for our upcoming bride to be by having her bachelorette party of course. Boy did we celebrate all right. Friday night we just went to dinner and kinda caught up with everyone over mexican food. After dinner we went back to Tessie's house to relax and hang out. We needed plenty of rest to prepare ourselves for the next day. That morning we all took our time getting ready together before we headed to Caitlin's last bridal fitting. I was so happy to be able to see her in her dress since her and Lance are eloping. She looked so beautiful. I took some pictures but of course will not post till after her big day :) . The amount of love you could feel with us all being together with her slowly filled up that small alteration store.

  After the fitting we rushed over to brunch at a bar/restaurant in uptown Dallas called Moth.
 It was such a cute little place & we got our own section. We started if off right by ordering mimosas and looking over the menu. 
This song came on in the restaurant causing me to instantly break into tears. It wasn't that the song was sad, to be honest I couldn't even tell you what the song was. It was simply tears of happiness, tears of us all being together again, tears that Caitlin was getting married! Like I mentioned before the amount of love in now the small corner of the restaurant was indescribable. We ordered our food(which was amazingly delicious) most of us got the same thing Chorizo & Fried Egg Risotto.
While waiting for our food each of us went around the table telling our favorite Caitlin story. Of course none of us had just one…we each had several. Laugher was constant around the table as everyone went on sharing memories we each held close to us about Caitlin. To our surprise Caitlin got every one of us a small something(I know right she's the only one who should be getting gifts) and a letter she hand wrote each of us. It was so sweet of her to think of us and do something like that. After brunch we headed over to get pedicures and manicures. Typical girl day & it was perfect.

 We eventually headed to our Bungalow at Hotel ZaZa.
Beautiful isn't it?
Hey, we love you too!

It was insane how beautiful it was. The art in the room definitely inspired me for when I have my own house. We all got ready together like old times ordered some pizza & got the bachelorette festivities going. Caitlin opened her gifts and the drinking/shots & dancing began along with some other shenanigans ha! For knowing what exactly all took place you just had to be there. 
Talk about a group of hot messes running from bar to bar. Way too much fun one could have in one night, the good thing is we all made it back safe. When we all woke up…we were in for a big treat. I will tell you a bunch of girls sure do know how to trash a room in one night. Lots and lots of cleaning took place in the morning but it left for an unforgettable night and an even more unforgettable weekend. Here is a video that sums up the weekend. I love you girls 

       Caitlin is someone I feel like I can go weeks, even months without speaking to one another and when we do talk it is as if nothing has changed between us. As I've gotten older I have realized that is the kind of real friendship every one needs…that very rare kind. Thank you for pouring laughter into my life when it was needed, installing guidance at times, for being an extra shoulder, shopping partner, listener,advice giver & downing drinks with me even if we were just sitting in our room. I am thankful for the beginning of our friendship but will be forever grateful for the in-betweens. I am so sad I can't be there on you're wedding day but I know what a beautiful bride you will make. I can only imagine how perfect of a day it will be. Thank you for allowing me to take part in such a wonderful time in your life. You are such an amazing person & even better friend, you have helped me get through some of the roughest times & I will always be here for you . I love you to the moon and back. 

Kristin, Caitlin, Chelsea, Tessie, Jessica, Paige, Sarah,Raleigh, Bre, Danielle I will forever be blessed that God intertwined our life roadmaps. You all have grown up to be some of the most beautiful women I know and I'm lucky to know each and every one of you. I am excited to see what the future has in store for each of us.Thank you to everyone who came and made it a weekend to remember
 from what we can remember ;)

I feel like I owe a huge huge thank you to Shannon McGriff. If it wasn't for you hiring Caitlin & Chelsea we possibly may have not met. Thank you. Also so the whole gang that worked at Reveille you all hold a special place in my heart to this day. I love you all. Ok I'm gonna go cry now. Feeling so unbelievably blessed. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


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