Cut offs & Beaded Stitching

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cut offs & Beaded Stitching

Words cannot explain my love for this jacket. I debated and debated for days about buying it when I saw it on Etsy but when I got it in the mail I realized I now had a new favorite statement piece to hang in my closet, and for $45 bucks it was a steal! This is a vintage piece but surprisingly had never been worn, it came with the tags attached to it and everything. I will say that it came with shoulder pads that I did cut out because they were a bit too much for me. I've actually seen this jacket on Ebay and on Etsy where other sellers are selling it, so its still out there ladies! I am HUGE on searching for vintage things on Etsy, I have found some of my favorite pieces on there. Ebay, I am always browsing on for good deals or good finds! 

I paired this look with some high waisted cut off shorts, a graphic tee & topped it off with some simple suede booties. Another option would be to pair this with some boyfriend style jeans and some pointy heels during cooler weather months. This outfit is great for a brunch with friends or a Sunday fun day. Warning you all now I will be repeating this jacket very soon, I mean who wouldn't?

Jacket - Vintage (can be found here or here)
Graphic Tee- FOREVER 21 
Cut offs- American Eagle
Booties- Zara (similar here)
Bag-Zara(similar here)

My hair for today was just the simple messy wave look. I love my hair best like this. My hair is naturally straight so this just adds a little something extra. I use a curl stick then brush out the curls and then sprinkle a little Osis dust it and shake out my hair and VOILA! Actually thinking about going back to my full on ombre...still cant decided it changes daily ha!

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

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  1. YES!!! Your killing it! I am so proud that you actually did this finally! You have the best style!